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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 23, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the new gym he hopes to open. (show face)"doors open aug 31st.. nice.. yeah" ((voice only)) "it is a struggle to put signage up in a spot that wont get tagged because it's expensive... and if it gets tagged you gotta replace its definitely a concern" according to a new website... run by researchers at the university of maryland... the 21211 zip code... has seven known gangs.... the bloods... crypts... folk nation.. black guerilla family... gangster disciples... purple city and dead man incorporated. "i know they have stepped up with police in the area." last weekend... there were nearly 20 people shot in baltimore. gang experts may involve turf wars, something police hinted at.. months ago. ](anthony batts) (file) "we have a gang called the black guerilla family which is trying to take over a territory or area.. theyre charging other drug dealers 20 percent interest to be able to sell drugs in their community or area.. ((cairns))
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"turf wars may be to blame for some of violence in baltimore city according to gang experts.. kc fox 45 news at 5;00 you can find a link to that website, where you can search for gangs in your area... by going to fox baltimore dot com slash newslinks. you can track other criminal activity in your neighborhood with 'spotcrime.' you can search specific crimes... and get email alerts when crime happens. log onto fox baltimore dot com and click on spotcrime in the hot topics section. another violent week in baltimore prompts another ,march to end it. city leaders are planning a 300 man march in northwest baltimore. organizers say they want to take a stand against the murder and mayhem that has engulfed the city and lead to twenty shootings earlier this week . city councilman brandon scott says ,marchers are trying to send a message of hope to the young people of the city. 17:34:40 "as we'vebeen syaing all summer long it's very important and very intregal that the men of baltimore city,
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and let's face it it's the young men= of baltimore who are both perpetrators and victioms of violence. that they have to under stand strong men care about them." partcipants plan to gather at pimlico race track at 6:30 tonight and march through lower park heights. there's word tonight that one of maryland's highest-level corrections officials is stepping down....... jon galley, who oversees the north branch correctional institution near cumberland, announced his retirement today. union leaders recently demanded action after several officers at north branch were assaulted by inmates. it was exactly four months ago today, when another maryland jail made headlines....... in april, federal prosecutors announced the indictment of 25 guards and inmates at the baltimore city detention center. almost immediately, there were calls for corrections secretary gary maynard to step
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down. but maynard stayed and promised reforms. however, there's now a growing number of lawmakers who believe the reforms aren't coming fast enough. (11:09:40) "they're slow with this investigation. we've had five months since they started this investigation. with all the other things going on you'd think they'd bring more personnel in and do this investigation a little bit further." in the past four months, maynard has tightened security at the lock-up and replaced dozens of broken security cameras. a frightening catch in the chesapeake bay. watermen pulled out these two bull sharks... and you can see they're pretty big. they snagged them a couple hundred yards from point lookout state park... that's about as far south as you can get in maryland. people were swimming in the area... but here's a comforting fact... there's never been a recorded shark attack in maryland history. today marks two years since the east coast earthquake the rocked baltimore.
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it was just after lunchtime.. when the ground started shaking.. and buildings downtown were evacuated... the 5-point-8 magnitude earthquake was centered several miles below mineral, virginia... but the damage was far stretching... in fells point, parts of historic st. patrick's church came crashing down. at the 200-year- old basilica of the assumption... the earthquake caused cracks in the dome.. which took millions of dollars and months to repair. the effects were also felt in dc.... where the quake caused a staggering 26 million dollars in damage to the national cathedral and 15 million to the washington monument. while the cathedral is structurally sound, there's still small cracks and chips to repair... same with the monument, which has been closed to visitors for two years. how are the roads looking tonight? christine boynton has our traffic edge report. maps 695 @ harford
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road 695 @ balt natl pike maps chart cam: c-502 @ gantry s-1 (bay bridge) maps boutwell says: "jane fonda in my opinion is a treasonist person." a movie theater refusing to show one this summer's biggest blockbusters... all because it stars jane fonda. why the owner has a personal problem with the actress.
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china hit with a massive tidal wave more than sixty feet high.... the devastation left behind. --adblib weather tz-- at least 30 people are
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injured after a 60 foot tidal wave crashes into china's eastern province thursday. the power of the wave was intensified by flooding caused by a typhoon that hit china early that morning. over the past week, flooding around china has left about 250 people dead or missing, including 21 who were killed on tuesday when a construction site was struck by a flash flood.
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happening now.... police are searching for five men who raped a photojournalist in india. police released these sketches of the suspects who they say attacked the young woman while she was on assignment in mumbai. they also beat her male colleague after tying him up. fellow journalists are gathering in protest... demanding safety in the city. the victim is now in stable condition at the hospital a kentucky movie theater owner is refusing to show one of th summer's biggest blockbusters... all because it stars jane fonda. ike boutwell refuses to show the butler at any of his theaters.... because he views fonda as a traitor. boutwell is a korean war veteran - and fonda was an outspoken opponent of the vietnam war... many years ago, the actress was pictured sitting on an anti- warcraft gun. boutwell says: "jane fonda had a wonderful opportunity to show the world how horrible our prisoners were being treated, yet she
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decided to call them baby killers and support our enemy." fonda has apologized for the controversial photo many times ... but boutwell says many people in his town support his decision ... for the next week... a two story work of art will be under construction at the maryland state fair. tom rogers takes a look at how it all comes together. 15:52: 46 tr std: when you think about the state fair most think of food.. fried food... and candy lots of it 20 thousand pounds... but what about sand 100 tons of sand.! brad goll is with sandscapes... a company... hired to build a massive sand sculpture sponsored partially by toyota and the baltimore ravens....but brad is not tackling this alone.. 15:40:10 bg "9 days each to carve it which is about 27 man
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hours a day to shape the 100 thousand pounds of sand" among the crunchy shovels, sandy cake spatulas... water buckets and wood thing is missing.... a blueprint. goll says the design is in his head: 15:39:41 bg "you're removing sand... blocks of sand / going for..." what is the trick for this team of artists to keep their 25 foot sculptures from just crumbling down like the beach castles we have all tried? 15:33:41 "we buy local sand.. new sand with angles... and grains that lock together.. 15:34:03 "when this dries out it stays together locked because of the angles in the grains." but what if there is a problem or a sand slide? surely even this 27 year veteran has had some mess ups... 15: 34:37 bg "um we don't talk about those." so how professional is this artist that has travelled from texas, houston texas home of the texans football team that he has to incporate carving out a super bowl raven?
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15:38:41 bg "i don't think about that... no well actually i made the other guy do the raven.... hahahaha" 15:54:49 oc: tr "having fun at the fair i'm tom rodgers fox 45 news... lollipop spit out sand." you can see what's new at the 132nd state fair. our "fun at the fair" special will air tonight on the c-w baltimore. it starts at seven p-m. a brawl breaks out between a bus driver and a passenger, what started the fight... and the shocking thing that happened when someone tried to step in. breaks out
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between a bus driver and an unruly passenger in detroit it all started when the woman in the brown coat boarded the bus and her transfer card got stuck inside the scanner. she became
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agitated and started to yell at the driver. another passenger christopher jackson.. tried to intervene. you can see him step between them... but he says other people were egging them on and the fight escalated. incue: the ride spit... outcue: began right there on the spot." the woman hits the driver with her purse... and a brawl breaks out. the driver can be seen hitting the woman in the head, using her keys as a weapon. eventually, bystanders break them up and police are called. the driver is now out on occupational injury, but the bus driver union boss says she was defending herself and should not be fired. a gray end to the work week... but some changes on the way for this weekend. lets check in with dawn brown. marlon brown
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had a breakout
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game last night... why the undrafted rookie left the texans camp to come to baltimore... next in sports unlimited... ♪ i we up to a lightbulb
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players... by 4 p-m on wednesday. it happens every preseason in the league.. one guy making a huge case that he's a keeper... receiver marlon brown. due to a knee injury during his senior season at georgia... brown went undrafted. he first went with the texans... but left the team... and came to the ravens thanks to a signing bonus. . last night he caught 4 passes... for 59 yards... including a 24 yard touchdown... all while running with the starters. john harbaugh has some decisions to make on how many receivers he wants to keep... maybe 6... right now there's 11. and at 6-5... brown looks like the tall receiver the ravens have always wanted. "we really liked him from the beginning. when we first saw him on tape, i saw him, he jumped off the tape. but he had the aclhe's come back from that thing very quickly, and he's playing well."
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on the injury side... just one from last night. but it's a big one for the ravens. backup quarterback tyrod taylor left with a possible concussion. . he took a lick... in the 4th quarter... trying to make a play on third down... instead of throwing the ball away or sliding. the ravens are off today... as of last night... john harbaugh had no further update. nfl preseason continues tomorrow on the c-w baltimore.. the redskins host the bills at 4-30... see the n-f-l on a saturday... redskins and bills on the c-w... orioles open a crucial 3-game series with the wild-card leading a's...coming up tonight on sports unlimited... super heros do more than just
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fight evil ... one in japan is lending a helping hand to mothers at subway stations. every morning from monday to saturday this 27-year-old man stands by the subway entrance to help moms carry strollers down the stairs. he works at a nearby grocery store and says he decided to do something after hearing the women complain about access to the train. but if you're wondering why he decided to dress up ... it's because he says he's a little shy. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later.
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you for coming. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you for coming, folks. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and you know what? we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, from atlanta, georgia, it's the mcnulty family.
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and from right up the road, alpharetta, georgia, it's the williams family. let's go. give me tommy, give me brenda. hey, guys, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. a wife might tell her husband, "you're not getting any" what? tommy. >> sex. steve: you're not getting any sex. >> yes. steve: pass or play? >> we'd like to play. steve: they're gonna play, brenda. christine, let's go. a wife might tell her husband, "you're not getting any" what? >> no dinner. >> oh, yeah. good answer. yes. steve: no dinner. kim. >> don't give him any attention. if he's acting up, messing up. steve: you're not getting any attention. all right, katie, let's go. hey, a wife might tell her
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husband, "you're not getting any" what? >> how about money? steve: you're not getting any money. my wife told me that. i just started laughing. i just started laughing. don't worry about it. i hid some. [laughter] hi, colleen. >> hey, steve. steve: you ready to go? >> i'm ready. steve: only one strike. a wife might tell her husband, "you're not getting any" what? >> she might tell him he's not getting any younger. steve: you're not getting any younger, buddy. >> yeah! way to go, sis. steve: hey, tommy, a wife might tell her husband, "you're not getting any" what? >> steve, i'm gonna go with no tv time. take it away. steve: you're not getting any tv time, bud. you're on punishment. >> oh. steve: christine, we got to be careful. we got 2 strikes. williams family could steal. >> how about smarter? you're not getting any smarter? steve: you're not getting
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any smarter. you're not getting any smarter. >> space in the bed! >> closet space. steve: all right, williams family. here's your chance. a wife might tell her husband, "you're not getting any" what? >> closet space. steve: closet space. number 7. audience: sympathy. steve: 5. audience: rest/sleep. steve: oh, yeah. number 4. >> skinnier. steve: ha ha. boy, you either, lady. let's go. question 2. give me christine, give me jimmy. let's go. guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board.


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